Thursday, February 19, 2009

Sunset in good ol Pitkin COunty

Little handrail session, homies Erkle and Thadeus holdin it down

Some fucking idiot drunk ran into a powerline pole, at least we got some candlelit poker out of the deal.
THis beard started its life on January 12, 1976

The disco biscuits held it down. Shot with my Holga

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Finally, Fuji decided to show herself. It had been cold and rainy for three days and on our final morning we woke up with the sunrise and the view was awesome. It was only viewable for about an hour but that was plenty of time to observe and run off some shots.

At times the lake would be completely empty with not a soul to be seen. As soon as the time was right these eager fishermen would gather in the same place everytime just idling hoping to catch some dinner. I always wondered if anyone could actually catch anything with that many people in one zone....

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Japland Treees
While hiking through the unknown wilderness just outside Mt. Fuji we were surrounded by the kind of trees that only appear in nightmares. They were super eire and there was a light fog that drifted in and out throughout the day. This was literally one of the only trees with leaves still on it...

The only cloud in the sky over Lake Kawaguchiko
lost in the woods

Stick buggin out....

Never had I seen a stick bug in my life until I was in Costa Rica. I was going outside to casually release some pressure and I looked to my left and there was this foot long stick bug crusin up the wall. He even looked like he was jammin to our loud reggae music that was vibrating throughout the night. This little guy chilled on my head all night!!
"Put it back back in Nature" haha

floating on water..

Sunset Costa Rica

I took so many sunset shots that it was truly a difficult task to pick which one I liked the most.

After feelin pretty groovy one night at our house I decided to break off and go on a photo mission. Camera in left hand, ice cold Imperial brew in the right, I ventured down to the beach for some long exposure shots.
The Costa Rica Beach at complete darkness comes to light
Soussouvei dunes


Shipwrecked, skeleton coast Namibia
These two girls were the only ones who some what spoke some english. It was a very different culture. The men were allowed to wear western style clothes while the women had to stick to their original roots and wear their tribal traditional clothing.

Just look at their eyes...

They were hustlers...
My new estate, Ovahimba country

I gave one of the Ovahimba kids my camera and this is what he composed, brilliant!
Ovahimba Tribes, Namibia

So you think you can dance!!? At this time the women of the tribe all gathered and started hootin and hollaren in their crazy language doin some kind of dance. They would just shake themselves super fast and stomp the ground, yell and spastecly trying to keep to the fast rhythm that their friends were producing. Then later some of my friends started to get down showing them how we do it in the US and they just stared in awww.... Now they thought we were crazy...
Independence Ghost Town

In quest for shred...
Joey, just another day...
83.5 miles per hour

Snowy Boulder Flatirons, Some day in the 100 year storms we will shred those mtns, yum
Fluffy Voltage
Cold Rays Coming from Denver, Co